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PSP's recent series of Sales Enablement workshops to help the growth of SME's in Wales, is proving to be highly successful with excellent client feedback and results.

PSP workshops and services are offered internationally and to all business sizes. This month we are featured in Oxfordshires "How's Business" magazine.

* The article below is amended from original publication due to a misprint.

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Oxfordshire company PSP wins contract to help business enterprise in Wales

An Oxfordshire registered company, Practical Sales Processes, has recently won a contract supporting Business Wales in developing and growing their SME sector. The project is led by the Welsh Government and funded by a grant from the European Regional Development Fund. PSP will provide a range of sales services focused on helping companies grow their business by securing more contracts, including:

1. ‘Successful Selling’ – Workshops focusing on different aspects of the sales process.

2. DealGym™ – An opportunity qualification and sales strategy development application.

3. Sales operations coaching and mentoring designed to help improve the performance of sales teams and secure more contracts.

Practical Sales Processes Limited (PSP) provide world class sales enablement tools and processes to companies of all sizes, enabling them to grow their business by securing more profitable contracts"

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