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Business in Focus and PSP supporting the growth of business enterprise in Wales

Business Enterprise in Wales

Practical Sales Processes (PSP) announce the signing of a new contract with Business in Focus, a lead contractor on the Business Wales programme.

Business Wales, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, supports the sustainable growth of small and medium size enterprises across Wales by offering access to information, guidance and business support

PSP will provide a range of sales services focused on helping companies grow their business by securing more contracts including: -

1. DealGym an opportunity qualification and sales strategy development application that helps sales teams to:

• Develop an in-depth understanding of their customer’s priorities

• Accurately assess their probability of winning

• Make informed decisions to qualify the deal in (or out)

• Develop and refine their sales strategy based on identified gaps

• Ensure effective resource allocation

• Create a continuous, sales-focused, learning process across their company

2. Workshops focusing on different aspects of the sales process including:

• The Buying Cycle

• Value Propositions

• Opportunity Qualification

3. Sales operations coaching and mentoring designed to help improve performance of sales teams and secure more contracts

Business in Focus is a social enterprise established with the sole purpose of supporting the growth of enterprise. Helping businesses to start up and grow for over 27 years, they provide owners and managers with business advice, planning, skills training, and help with access to finance, as well as providing business accommodation through their portfolio of properties across South Wales.

For more information on Business in Focus visit:

Practical Sales Processes Limited (PSP) provide world class sales enablement tools and processes to companies of all sizes, enabling them to grow their business by securing more profitable contracts. Alongside DealGym PSP’s services include Win-Loss Reviews, Opportunity Qualification, Sales Strategy Development and Account Growth programmes.

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