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Deal Qualification

The power of deal qualification as a core sales competence

In today’s highly competitive business world, no organisation has unlimited bid resources – even the largest companies struggle to effectively pursue the amount of opportunities on offer. A scatter-gun approach to sales doesn’t work anymore, if it ever did.

The trend for dividing up large deals means there are more to compete for, but conversely, this means more deals must be won to make target. The cost of extended procurement soon become prohibitive – making a heroic second the worst of disasters.

Sorting ‘the best from the rest’ has become increasingly critical. Being able to validate your decisions with sound rationale and solid evidence is a more successful, cost effective approach to selling.


Experience clearly demonstrates that the earlier in the sales cycle intelligent, evidence based opportunity qualification is applied, the more effective it is. Companies that excel in qualification, and particularly continuous qualification, achieve win rates that set them apart from their peers.

Our qualification methodology – DealGym - has been developed to bring these skills to the marketplace in the form of a simple, easy to understand process supported by an online application. Focused on buyer requirements, DealGym creates an organisational sales competence based on a continuous qualification capability that delivers lasting benefits to our clients.

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